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Is an official web browsercreated by Yandex. The browser is designed with simplicity in mind while distinguishing itself from other web browsers online. It has additional features that are absent from Chromium.

Russias Largest Tech CompanyYandex is a Russian technology company founded in 1990. They have been developing a lot of machine learning technologies for the business industry. Their core motivation is to improve online navigation for consumers and businesses alike. Most of their services are related to search and information gathering, along with providing mobile application across the (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Chromium-Based Online utilizes the structure of open-source browser Chromium. The similarities from Chrome is very visually obvious. It is noticeable that the search and address bar are combined, along with the general layout. It runs very fast and very easy to use. It can actually serve as an alternate web browser if the main browsers are unavailable. The key difference begins in this part. A drop-down panel is given to users where they are given a list of suggested or frequently visited websites. The list can be edited for personalization. Typing in the search bar will present four search engines. There is a Home button leading to the Yandex home page. Their homepage is in the Russian language so either a translation extension or add-on is required to make online contents more accessible to non-Russian readers. On the brighter side, this web browser is very helpful for those who use Yandex services. Users can access their Yandex email account, as well as Yandex search Web Browser for has the basic functionality of every web browser today. Its fast and very convenient to use. On the other hand, it only possesses a few defining features so there are few reasons to use it. Yandex service users might find it useful for accessing their personal accounts. Overall, its an alternative web browser for those who are tired of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Yandex Browser