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Brewed with purpose.

No matter what your taste in beer, no one should settle for drinking sub-par suds. Whether you’ve got a palate finely-tuned to the subtlest floral hop notes, or you just need something cold, wet and easy-drinking on a hot summer day, we’ve got a beer you’ll love to drink.

The same passion that kickstarted our brewing journey back in 2014 still runs through our veins today. From humble homebrew beginnings to an award-winning fixture of Saskatchewan’s brewing industry, our dedication to deliciously, hand-crafted beer has never wavered.

The Bridge

Black Bridge Brewery takes its name from the small iron bridge a few kilometers south of Swift Current, in the rolling south west Saskatchewan prairies. Well known among residents of Swift Current, the bridge has long been the subject of myths, stories of hauntings, afternoons spent fishing in the Swift Current creek that flows beneath, and countless wedding and family photo shoots.

Like the beer that’s its namesake, the bridge serves as a humble but beloved icon for those in the area, the spirit of which is reflected in our values: down-to-earth, strong, honest and proud to represent Saskatchewan brewing.

clayton and kari stenson standing in the brewery

The People

Black Bridge Brewery is built from the passion, sweat and tears of Clayton and Kari Stenson (and also metal, wood and concrete and stuff). A love of beer and brewing first seized Clayton in the basement of the couple’s home. Twelve years later, Black Bridge Brewery opened its doors for the first time.

Making beers of the highest quality and flavour has always been number one. But no matter how much praise his taste bud tickling brews receive, it’s never ‘good enough’ for brewmaster Clayton. His drive to discover new, unique flavours means you’ll always have something exciting to sip on.

Brewing in Saskatchewan

For more information on brewing in Saskatchewan, visit Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority and Saskatchewan Craft Brewers Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tours?2022-12-23T22:49:17+00:00

We do offer tours based on demand and depending on how busy we are in the back with brewing, packaging, cleaning, etc. Please contact us to let us know when you would like to have one and for how many people. We will contact you if we are able to accommodate or suggest another day and time.

How do you decide on seasonal beer releases?2018-11-20T22:11:01+00:00

Our seasonal releases are beers that we are interested in making. We try to incorporate beer styles that are suited for the season we release them in.

How long does it take to make a batch of beer?2018-11-20T22:10:38+00:00

It depends on the style, as there are beers that can age for months or longer. Generally speaking though, from brew day to package day about it is about 3 weeks.

How much do you brew at a time?2018-11-20T22:10:14+00:00

We have a 20HL (2000 liter) brew house, which means we brew 20HL at a time. We can produce up to 5000HL per year.

What are your hours?2018-11-20T22:09:53+00:00

Taproom hours are Thursday and Friday 3 pm-7 pm, and Saturday 1 pm-5 pm. We are always here working but there are only certain days we are open to the public.

What is a growler and how long does it last?2018-11-20T22:09:30+00:00

A growler is a refillable jug. Once opened, we recommend consuming it within 24 hours. If kept unopened in the fridge, it should be consumed within 3-5 days.

Will you ever serve food?2018-11-20T22:09:05+00:00

Sorry, no. We make beer.

Do you have a location in the United States?2018-11-20T22:08:38+00:00

No we don’t. That is a different brewery altogether, we are not associated with each other. If you travel and are in the area, go try one of their beers. Black Bridge Brewery in Arizona.

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