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Tencent Gaming Buddy is a PUBG mobile emulator that lets you play arguably the most popular mobile game of all time on your PC. There is already a PUBG desktop game. But since the mobile app is different than the desktop game in quite a few ways, it justifies the existence of an official ToolMost PC Android emulators help emulate multiple Android apps and games onto PC. However, Tencent Gaming Buddy is a PUBG Mobile exclusive, at least in the global market. This means great optimization. Also, the tool is easy to install, requiring no VPN or account creation. You may download the tool and start playing the game within seconds.

The tool also has quite a few customization options. It lets you customize PUBG Mobiles control overlay. Also, these controls are context-sensitive. This means the control scheme would shift to adapt while youre driving or opening your inventory. There are other options too, such as tapping or holding your hotkey for toggling (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });A Lot More AccessibleTencent Gaming Buddy can be even played on low-end computers. The regular PC version of PUBG faces optimisation issues when played on computers that dont have the required hardware.

And if you have a fairly high-end, powerful computer, your gaming experience would only get better. For instance, you may change the screen resolution to 720p, Full HD and even 2K. Also, PUBG mobile facilitates cross-platform gameplay between PC and mobile.

Tencent Gaming Buddy