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Easily manage, edit and share your photos

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Picasa is a piece of responsibility for the software photography trailer, which works in different ways as an actor and spectator, as an assistant and as extension software.

Picasa lets you update all photos and photos on your computer. Picasa allows you to select the drive and guides for your analysis, and gives you the option to auto-adjust when you open the program. You do not need to enter a new image.

Once photos are added to Picasa, they will be organized into albums that appear in guides with the same names as they were taken. You can then organize and move photos from one place to another by simply dragging and dropping. Picasa also lets you add improvements to your photos so you can easily edit them, as well as the location of your photos or people in your photos, so you can easily find them.

Picasa is specialized software, but it offers an impressive range of tools that you can use to edit basic changes, whether image or image, side or button, as well as zoom, zoom, color contrast and contrast, magnification, red light . to use corrections and filters.

Some features are built into Picasa, so you can use photos to paint posters, montages, screens, and even movies. It can be viewed via Picasaview Exterior Photo and can be shared in a variety of ways, including Picasaweb’s internal platform, your Google+ account, Blogger and;

Finally, Picasa also contains useful options for discovering two blank albums, geo-tiki images, storing and viewing your photos.

Software available

Picasa is universal and accessible software. It does not offer many parameters, but the editing tool is probably the best example of simplification; The image editor is excellent and provides quick access to all application options. Less experienced users will benefit from the full information support built into the software so that they can understand their services and how to use them.

All in one that has it all

Picasa is capable of managing and sharing your photos from a perspective, organize photos, create your first photo memories and collaborate with your loved ones. Picasa is easy to find, and amateurs will appreciate what you have to offer, especially if you already use other Google services.

This application has been disabled and cannot be downloaded again. Check out Google Photos and your Google+ circles

Picasa Upload IDs on Google+

New photo editing effects

Edits to photos you share with your Google+ circles

Picasa Upload IDs on Google+

New photo editing effects

Turn photos side by side