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Game based on Realistic Survival for PCRules of Survival for PC tests the skills and will of 120 different players in real time. Participants will have to rely on their intelligence, their innate skills and even a little luck if they hope to appear;

Plot and Essential Gameplay Rules or Survival can be seen as a combination of the Man Versus Wild TV series and the movie Predator. Players are dropped off in a remote environment with absolutely nothing but the knowledge they possess. They must then recover objects and even steal other equipment from unhappy participants who did not survive. Fearsome obstacles such as poison gas and snipers will be encountered along the way. Fans of survivalist culture will certainly appreciate what this unique game will do;

(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); There are no rules The only rule that accompanies the rules of survival is to make it alive. There are times when a player does it alone and in other cases it is wise to work with others to complete a task. Whatever the case, surprises always await you and nothing is certain in itself;