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2013 Outlast is praised for its dark, menacing and scary jump-off. The sequel to Outlast 2 builds on a regular and mechanical – if not story – in the previous game, casting you as an investigative journalist exploring the small town of Arizona to get to the bottom of a mysterious homicide. The night vision feature of the camera lets you see in the dark, but the battery is low; Therefore, the search for resources is at the heart of the game.

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Outlast 2 is a bit faster than its predecessor, which has some tense but slow parts. Here, the action moves fairly quickly between different locations. There is also less creativity that manifests itself in environmental design; In this game, the architecture itself can change and change, suggesting that everything doesn’t look like it. Some players may find it slightly more linear than the original, which focuses more on this study, but this refinement is a better representation of the horror set

Play the game with the lights off
If you like tense, scary horror games where the best ideas sometimes just work for your life, Outlast 2 is a great choice. The mechanics are almost too simple, but the true heart of the game lies in the charming and menacing atmosphere.

Outlast 2