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MeOCR Image To Text Converter is a free tool that offers a quick and easy way to convert image files into editable text documents. Therefore, if you have scanned a written document and want to edit the text content in a text editor, you can use this tool to easily create an image file into a simple Word Way Anyone file that works with the document in both printed and digital formats, and don’t forget that you sometimes have to transfer document between them. Printing digital documents on paper is fairly simple, but transferring printed documents to digital text is more difficult. Fortunately, thanks to MeOCR Image To Text Converter you have a free and easy way to convert scanned text documents into text files. You can also use it in other situations: for example, you can take a screenshot of a website or ebook and convert it to text (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);); Simple solution With MeOCR images for a text converter you can convert documents with one click. The program is designed to retain the original document format, saving valuable time when recreating. MeOCR Image To Text Converter works with all major image file formats and supports many different languages.

MeOCR Image To Text Converter