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Media Player Classic Home Theater is a simple media player, free, which plays a variety of media files. Appearance is based on the model of the previous version of Windows Media Player, but unlike this application, the player produces almost all media formats available. AD-Free, easy-to-processor and easy-to-use, is an excellent utility for Media Player that handles all but the format of video and audio most obscure.

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If you have used an older version of Windows Media Player, the player Classic home theater should feel very intuitive. Check where you expect them to be, the menu is clear, and the player does not crash or shutdown if there is a sort of files that are not detected (recognized rarely happens in any way). This is also quite indemanding, which means it starts quickly and smoothly even on older computers. However, it doesn’t support streaming video.

An excellent alternative to the original video player
Media Player Classic Cinema is simple, easy to use and more versatile than most applications, the default video player. If you do not want anything powerful streaming support or listening to an audio CD (which supports, but not as some competitors) basically it is the best choice.

Media Player Classic