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Hardcore Marvel Avengers fans come together as game developers, Cristal Dinamics and Eidos Montreal give you a new Avengers game that lets you live your Marvel dreams. Marvel’s Avenger is an RPG game that lets you take on the role of your favorite superhero to save;

New Avengers Story Marvel’s Avenger game opens at West Coast’s Avengers Tover in San Francisco, where Avengers gather on Hellicarrier for Avengers Day. He had to spend the day with the public to spend quality time with the strongest heroes. But when you are in the superhero universe, days are not always shameless. Of course, an enemy will come and a group of superheroes will be busy saving ((function () {(‘reviev-page-page-desktop-desktop’);}); this game introduces a new enemy, which passes for the leader of Destroy the Chaos with your mercenary army with Stark-escu armor; an epic battle between the Taskmaster and others will follow; not only will you be able to grind one character during the game. Fight against an enemy Yes, read correctly You can become Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Black; battles, the game will have different intersecting scenes where each avenger will appear in battle, for example after Thor has cleaned all his enemies with his Mjolnir, the action will move to Iron, chasing a set of soldiers in the air, then it will switch to a Hulk who jumps into conflict and wipes out all enemies; This character-driven game to re players to try out all the Avengers characters available for the game. But when playing together it can be quite confusing, as the way you fight has to adjust the skills of the character you are playing with. After all, some avengers can fly and others; Character Design While Marvel’s Revenger can play soft revenge scenes, the same cannot be said for the characters. Players will notice that the characters in the game model differ drastically from their cinematic universe. Instead of Robert Downey, Jr. for Captain Stark or Captain America’s Chris Evans, game developers have created a custom look for everyone; Creating a custom look actually gives the characters a sense of originality. However, fans expect the game to feel like MCU movies. Therefore, it can be a bit disappointing to see characters that differ greatly from the actors we see; Endgame If you’re a fan of the Avengers movie, this game might be worth a try. It contains all the elements you love about the movie. Marvel’s Avenger is a fantastic game that can give you action and adventure and has high production values. Also, it does not allow you to play only one Avenger at a time, and if you can get past the fact that the characters do not look like such films, it can give you the experience of the Avenger you are looking for;

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