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The Epson Easyprint package is actually a program called a driver. This is a series of installable features that help your computer communicate with your Epson Easyprint printer. If you install this driver package, you may be able to get the Epson printer to work with the instructions on the screen. The Epson Easyprint driver is the same as the CD or digital file that comes with your Epson printer. The driver file contains the installation files you need to send instructions to your computer for the printer. When you download a file, it acts as an administrator and opens the installer. Go through the wizard until the files are installed, and then try to use the printer with the program where the file is installed. The installation wizard has default settings that you can leave as if you are not sure which installation options to use (function () {(‘application-side-desktop’);}); It may work for your printer. works only with Epson Easyprint printers. There is a small chance that the driver may allow your computer to find other Epson printers, but this software probably will not allow you to use other Epson printers. If the software does not work immediately, turn off the printer, and then turn it on again to see if your computer can find it. If your computer does not uninstall the software, try something else.

Epson EasyPrint