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Hexagon editors are interesting and useful little tools that many people don’t notice. This is probably because hexadecimal editors find beginners very scary. All you see is numbers, letters, and symbols, and it can be a little frustrating. But hexadecimal editors have many useful applications, such as troubleshooting and editing files to get information about files. There are dozens of six-sided editors on the market, but one of the free alternatives is its versatility and flexibility. This hexagonal editor is XVI32, designed by Christian Maasi. What does he propose to be considered one of the best programs in hex editor? Portability Perhaps most people value XVI32 for its extremely portable character. Unlike most large programs that come with installation packages, XVI32 is only available as a ZIP file, which does not take up too much storage space. You do not need to install the program. All you have to do is extract the ZIP archive file and run the program directly from the folder from which you extracted it. This makes it very easy to start and use. You can store it on your devices and have them with you (function () {(‘app-view-side-desktop’);}); The main features of XVI32, along with its portability, has many features that are really appreciated by all users of hex editors. An important function is to edit hexadecimal systems. You can edit directly from the interface. You can also quickly copy, replace, and search for words in a hex editor. It has a bookmark feature, which is especially useful when processing large files. Although this feature is suppressed, you can only add nine. You can only open files in write mode to prevent files from being corrupted, and it is undoubtedly powerful and useful, but no programis never perfect. An important point in his favor is that he cannot use the mouse to lock. You can do this with the arrow keys and other keyboard functions, but not with the mouse. Suffice it to say, it’s very frustrating. Another annoying problem is the complexity of scanning large files. The program does not seem to have good scroll function. After all, it doesn’t seem like a beginner program. It has a very steep learning curve. However, none of these things are difficult to get used to. The last point, though worth mentioning, is easy to overlook with a fantastic program. Despite the problems, you are sure that this program has problems, but don’t let it run. It is a stable and fantastic hexagon editor. It performs its function qualitatively and quickly. His mobility is also a big plus. Even if you don’t have a budget, I highly recommend XVI32.