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The XLS Viewer allows you to open files that were saved with other programs such as files that were saved with Microsoft Excel. The XLS Viewer allows you to view your XLS files (spreadsheet) files without having Microsoft Office installed and you do not have to upload it to online converters. It is a third-party tool that can be installed very And Edit Your XLS Files On Your PC Or LaptopThe program has a spreadsheet interface that is very similar to the Microsoft Excel design except that this program has slightly fewer design flairs. The tool allows you to see to edit load and save XLS files. It has a very small footprint on your CPU (Central Processing Unit) and it downloads and installs very quickly. It works on MS Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista. The software also works on Microsoft NET or higher and you can get it to work on Windows 10 if you use the backwards compatible troubleshooter that comes with your Windows operating (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });A Superb Spreadsheet Viewer You Can Use On Your ComputerThe greatest thing about the XLS Viewer is that you may install it as a tool on your computer so that you do not need Microsoft Office installed to view your spreadsheets nor do you have to upload your sensitive spreadsheet information to a website to convert it. The font options are readable and the fact it looks like Microsoft Excel makes it easier to use if you are already accustomed to Microsoft products.

If youre having a hard time with productivity on your JSON files, then perhaps this tool can help. JSON Viewer by Tlio Ornelas and GitHub is a Chrome extension for highlighting and printing JSON and JSONP. Not only that, but it also acts as an editor, great for web PowerJSON Viewer is a free downloadable extension for your browser, which is perfect since JSONor “JavaScript Object Notation”is most commonly used for transferring data between web applications and web servers. The universal problem with coding and computing is that with so much monotonous black and white of the text stored, people often get confused and lost on what they were working on. Thats the first issue JSON Viewer addresses, as it allows you to highlight the different types of data on your JSON file. It makes coding easier since the values will be color-coded for your convenience. You can customize the colors and what theyll be used on, and the whole thing lets you double-check data pretty quickly because youll know what to look for. It also has built-in themes you can use if you dont feel like customizing every single thing. Want your background to be easy on the eyes? Dark Mode is available in the options, (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Edit All You WantHowever, JSON Viewer is more than just a tool to color text. You can also use it to easily edit the data. JSON Viewer features collapsible nodes, optional clickable URLs, a toggle button to switch between raw and highlighted version, and a scratch pad where you can type or paste your JSON and format indefinitely using a button or key shortcut. There are also several options that can help you work more efficiently. You can show the line numbers. You can customize the tab size. You can even include a header with the timestamp and URL. For a mere browser extension, it delves deep into your coding so much that you might mistake for an actual standalone program. What makes this tool even better is that the URLs you enter wont really matterJSON Viewer automatically analyzes its content to determine if its a JSON or not. This eliminates the need to further configure any URL you use to its JSON Bad for a Small ToolDespite all these handy features, however, JSON Viewer still has some setbacks when compared to other tools of its kind. First of all, its not exactly compatible with other JSON formatting tools, so this extension might crash and you will need to do some disabling for it to work. Secondly, local files and incognito tabs arent automatically included among the JSON data you can work on so you will have to manually enable these options in the extensions page. Its first and foremost a browser tool, after allbut at least you can still use it beyond the browser. Lastly, plugin updates often reset the extension, so you will need to configure it again for your specific settings. However, other than that, its a must-have for those who are constantly working with JSON.

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