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Windscribe Free VPN and Adblock For Chrome is a special add-on for Google Chrome that promises to block pop up adverts. The software also takes care of other types of unwanted advertising and other types of features such as trackers that are typically installed into the websites that people visit on a regular Goodbye to Unwanted AdsOne of the great things about Windscribe Free VPN and Adblock For Chrome is the fact that the software comes with a large number of fully customisable features. These features can be used to personalise the web browsing experience so that users only see the content that they want and can hide their location from prying eyes, although a reasonable amount of skill is required to take advantage of these (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Banishing Adverts the Easy WayWith its wide range of features and ease of use, this is a potentially very useful tool for anyone who wants to rid themselves of unwanted advertising and enhance the security of their web browsing experience. However, as the name suggests, the software is only compatible with Google Chrome and people who are using other types of browsers will need to search for another way of banishing unwanted adverts.

Windscribe Free VPN and Adblock For