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UNO is the personalization of video games for business card games that made people laugh and hurt friendship. There, you and the other players sit around the virtual table, play cards with the right colors and numbers to clear your hands, and hope your loved ones do not reverse the order or worse, force you to draw extra cards! Too close Although you can play UNO on your own on your PC, it’s probably more fun to share this old classic with your friends. It is helped by new maps and home rules that you can play with to increase your strategic options or just make the game more exciting. If you want to play classic and unmodified UNO, it’s great too: there’s a place with that name! The only problem is that playing these friends can be difficult in practice. The game can be played online, but every player needs a copy, and playing locally can be difficult (function () {(‘browse-app-page-desk’);}); Draw white? Basically, what you need to know about UNO is this: it’s the same game that you can get in a board game shop or even a department store, but it’s more accessible, made virtual and has fun features. If you get copies for your friends or play locally (which game allows it!), This game can make the evening.

UNO by Ubisoft