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UNITALE is a game with very basic game design software that allows you to play in 2D environments. Go through the story by selecting the action you want to take with the very basic menu system. The game is outdated but designed with very simple game development software that makes it look and choose alternatives. Choose from the menu at the bottom where it says: Fight, Action, Object and Mercy. Backgrounds, game objects, and characters all have a very two-dimensional style to them to the extent that they look like they are drawn on Microsoft Paint. This game is almost identical to Quest for Glory, which is the game where you see Josh (a boy) play on his computer in a Tom Hanks movie called Big. (Function () {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);}); Incredible in the way some people find interesting. UNITALE contains no epic stories and no very interesting game mechanic. This game is mostly for people who are interested in seeing what new developers have come up with, which is a very basic programming and gaming tool. The redeeming features that set it apart from the old game itself have no contemporary references to it, like the battle with the teddy bear from Five Nights At Freddys.