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Ultimate Epic Battle is a special sandbox game that allows gamers to create a number of epic battles. History fans will have the chance to take part in some of the worlds most famous battles, while there are also plenty of cool touches for lovers of Ready to do BattleOne of the great things about Ultimate Epic Battle is that the battle grounds have been created in impressive detail. There are lots of different battles to choose from and instead of simply selecting a scenario and letting the armies play things out, gamers are able to play an active role in the strategy of battles so that they can run in a wide range of different ways. Some of the greatest armies in the whole of history are represented here such as the ancient Romans, the Spartans and the ninja warriors, while those who have a wacky sense of humour are sure to want to take the chance to find out what happens when the Vikings pit their pits against a penguin (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Fight or FlightWhether you prefer classic battles scenes from history or want to pit your wits against thousands of mindless zombies as they stagger towards your army, Ultimate Epic Battle has the perfect scenario. The detailed graphics really help to draw gamers in and despite the fact that the game is still in its experimental stages there is plenty for fans of fighting and strategy to enjoy here.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator