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Sound Volume-7 is a free program for Windows that allows users to create hotkeys that work to control desktop or laptop volume quickly and comfortably. In this way, Sound Volume-7 transforms your keyboard into a multimedia controller. Its backwards compatibility also makes it a useful solution for most users running Windows 2000 and up to Windows your volumeFor most traditional laptops and desktops, volume is controlled by mouse from the menu in the bottom right-hand control of the screen. Though its effective in execution, its also cumbersome, as you generally have to open a new window or move away from your open window. With Sound Volume-7, changing volume is as easy as pressing a key or combination of keys. Not only is it faster, its also more intuitive and comfortable to perform. Users can adjust volume up and down, as well as mute. Its a simple program designed for a simple task, but it can make a world of difference for power users who navigate quickly for fast (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Easy combinationsSettings hotkeys for volume is not only easy to do, but these simple combinations are easy to execute too. Combinations like CTRL + SHIFT + PLUS can increase sound volume, while CTRL + SHIFT + MINUS decreases. Meanwhile, CTRL + SHIFT + (STAR or BACK SPACE) will mute sound on/off.

Sound Volume 7