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Sonic Mania is a new addition to the Sonic franchise that goes back to the origin of the series. Anyone who has fond memories of classic Sonic hedgehog titles from the 90’s can’t afford to miss that title, which offers both a blast from the past and a whole new experience.

What does Sonic Mania have to offer? Although a new, never released game, it is closely based on the earliest Sonic Series tiles – games that everyone who was a kid in the 90s will remember. Sonic goes again in battle with his friends Tails and Bones against Dr. Eggman. The game Badnik Rings will be familiar, but now each character has their own special traits, and the smooth 60 FPS frame makes the adventure even faster than before. Upload this new Sonic title and get ready to feel the excitement again! (Function () {(‘view-application-side-desktop’);}); For new and old fans

Whether you have fond memories of paying Sonic in the 90’s or not

you are new to the series, you will find that this game is

a title that honors the game history but does not forget to add something


Sonic Mania