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Losing files is a nightmare of particularly important work files or valuable photos. This is often due to hardware errors or accidental removal only. When the same thing happens on a mobile phone, it can be very frustrating because these photos are usually very personal and you don’t always backup your computer. Fortunately, software like Samsung Data Recovery is perfect for this task specially designed for Samsung devices. There’s even a free trial version of File types and a high conversion rate Samsung Data Recovery is a pretty powerful program for finding and downloading eight file types (and different types of extensions). Such important contacts can be saved if the phone is the company’s address book. You can also save text messages and pictures in several formats. You can even save documents and the software can scan SD cards, not just internal storage. There are many small additions that make the software easy to use, for example the possibility to connect via WiFi if you do not have a cable. You can choose between fast and deep scanning, depending on (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Never lose files This impressive software can save files that have a very high conversion rate and are very easy to use. With many supported devices and file types, it’s a good idea to have it with you. The full version of Samsung Data Recovery is a bit expensive, so consider it according to your needs.

Samsung Data Recovery