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PowerPoint Online is an app developed for use with the Google Chrome web browser. Designed to let users create PowerPoint presentation online, it takes the functionality and tools from the standard desktop version and implements them into a streamlined version that can be accessed across multiple devices. For longtime users of the Microsoft Office suite of tools, it includes updated accessibility that means you can work online and save your work for later use on another beautiful presentations onlinePowerPoint has a long standing traditional of being the provider of some of the best presentation software for professional and student use. Most Windows users at one time will have had experience with PowerPoint and used its extensive set of tools and services. These same tools that users have come to know and love have been integrated into PowerPoint Online and it makes for an online experience that is both productive and (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Everything onlineWith PowerPoint Online, users can create PowerPoint slideshow presentation on one device and pick it up again on another. When projects are saved, theyre stored in Microsofts cloud storage site OneDrive. With integrated access that spans across all online Office products, it means your PowerPoint presentation is stored alongside all other online Office documents and can be accessed on mobile or desktop at any time. For users who utilize all that Microsoft has to offer, its a great way to keep your files together and safe.

PowerPoint Online