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New graphics, better controls and more TeamplayPES 2014 is back in the game, this time focusing on gameplay. New graphics engines, improved animations and a great atmosphere are the highlights of this issue.

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Leagues, cups, tournaments and multiplayer online

Pro Evolution Soccer, which has already been downloaded, offers different game modes:

Competition – Allows you to participate in a single game by challenging an AI or a friend.

Football Life – Allows you to play the Master League online and offline. Build your own team, manage contracts, buy and sell players, and honor your team. You can also become a national coach with the new function. The structure of the games is basically simplified in order to simplify the operation.

Become a legend – choose a player and see how he has a brilliant career. In this mode you can make your player an amateur football player, for example by making him an unbeatable goalkeeper, becoming the captain of your team and handing the team over to your defender, just like Buffon or Casillas.

Competition – Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 returns to championship mode, which is not available in PES 2013. You can also play a custom cup or play online tournaments. As always, you can play in the Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores and this year in the Asian Champions League (all competitions have official licenses). On the other hand, there is also a large gap in the various club teams regarding the censorship agreements, including the English and German teams, for which Konami has not been granted the rights (Chelsea is called London FC, City – ManBlue, and many German teams are simply completely absent from the game ).

Training – Training is the perfect way to improve your technical skills. This mode contains a variety of tutorials, which are divided into five learning levels. Textbook items and introduce you to games, special attacks and more. You can also practice for corner kicks, free kicks and penalties.

During the download phases, you will receive instructions for images and movements in certain in-game situations.

The menu design of PES 2014 isn’t bad, but in terms of usability, it’s definitely a step back from the modern and new FIFA 14.

Complete freedom of movement across the field

The management of the game at PES 2014 didn’t get much shock. The most important innovation is TrueBall Tech: With the advanced analog stick control you can stop or control the ball by 360 degrees. The result is impressive realism and unprecedented freedom of movement in the SPE. This was made possible by the improved physics of the ball, which is no longer the annoying “bowling” effect that accompanied the series for years.

Branches that are much more fluid and credible will also be improved. The strength, weight and physical strength of the players can influence the outcome or influence of the shoulder-to-shoulder fight between the players.

Maneuvers are now more logical: the game keeps the game and the pace slower than in previous years.It’s harder to steal a player’s ball and get it back on the net. You now need to study the position of the players and get the alluring right to use a teammate to hit the target.

The move away from PES 2014 is a dramatic change in the direction of previous games and not a more natural move. The cross was calibrated in a more “manual” way than before, while the shots are more acceptable, even if some of the trajectories appear a bit manageable.

The keepers have improved like: They have great animation and some savings are incredible. The way they stand in front of the ball and crossbar is convincing, although the goalkeeper’s slowness and lack of responsiveness leaves something to be desired when attacking the attacker (Y button on the pocket (Xbox).

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest highlights of PES 2014. The CPU-controlled players are moving in the right direction. There are 6 levels of difficulty for AI.

However, to play well in PES 2014, tactics that match your team are also required. The playback area is smaller than in FIFA, but an excellent editor eliminates this disadvantage so that you can create a number of modules.

Exceptional animal climate

Fox’s new graphics engine works well. All details have been taken into account, and the physical similarity of the virtual players is remarkable to this day (but only for the famous; “not very famous” – a little rough around the edges). Be careful when producing each level, with excellent choreographic details and unique banners that predict teams.

Despite these improvements, the engine still has to age: We have occasionally noticed frame traps, but they do not affect the gaming experience. There is also no understanding of rain or snow. This is not an attacker, but is probably unusual for this caliber.

Another new feature of PES 2014 is the almost complete absence of “binaries”: players can now move with complete freedom and without predetermined frames.

Sound effects are probably the best element of the game. The crowd is the 12th player on the field who supports the team with a constant roar, slows down every risky move, whistles from above and calls their heroes for goals, especially in the safest games. In short, Konami was able to create an exceptional atmosphere in which the player is really emotionally involved.

The beginning of a new era

Pro Evolution Soccer is the beginning of a new era. This edition is completely game-dependent: more team play, better player control, revised ball physics, realistic approach and various features that improve the gaming experience.

Did PES 2014 finally win FIFA? With one word -; EAsimulator is still the king, but the gap has definitely been narrowed and the Konami title is now a viable alternative.

The developers have developed a fun, useful game that allows players to dive into a stadium that no other video soccer game can match.

Although Fox Engine is still a bit immature and rough on the edges, it’s vital to revitalize the franchise. Konami certainly has a big oneStep in the right direction: Fortunately, the simulation aspect of the title has improved a lot for all purists of the genre.

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