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PaperScan Free Edition is a universal scanner utility that works with a wide range of different scanners. You can use this software to scan a document edit it and save it as one of a number of different file types. The software also includes optical character recognition (OCR) which lets you scan a document and convert it not into an image but an editable document. Unlike most scanner software this tool isn’t limited to just one make you can use it with any compatible device. Scanning simplyPaperScan Free Edition is particularly useful if you happen to have an older printer and can no longer find software for it or if your printer’s bundled software isn’t easy to use — hardly a rare occurrence. For a simple piece of software it’s very feature-rich: you can scan documents in batches crop and edit them save them as encrypted PDFs and more. You can even use the software to simply manage images you didn’t scan yourself. More features are available in the more expensive Home and Pro editions of this software. (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });A good starting software packageAlthough not as powerful as its paid counterparts PaperScan Free Edition is a very useful scanner utility for those of us who don’t like our scanner software have older scanners or want to manage multiple scanners with the same tool.

PaperScan Free Edition