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PaintTool SAI is a lightweight drawing and painting software used for creating or editing art. Unlike other graphic design applications, SAI is focusedon painting, giving you great control of its color templates and line quality. Plus, it fully supports drawing tablets and pens.

Unleash the CreativityPaintTool SAI features various drawing tools that you can find in other programs. Theres the Airbrush, Watercolor, Pen, Marker, and Eraser, which you can customize according to your needs. Your pen pressure can be set to how you would like it to respond to your touch, so theres more variation on your ;Thecolor functionality is also surprisingly fine-tuned for light software. You can choose various primary colors, specific what hue and shade, and even adjust the saturation and luminesce of it. The layer tool can group other layers, pin them together, and let you move them around. (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });SAIs anti-aliasing featureor the smoothing of jagged edges on an imagealso takes effect on the various selection and transformation tools it has. Your drawing canvas is customizable, as well, and you even get to have an application-wide scratchpad that you can use as a color-mixing palette, which will be saved between sessions. Plus, you can turn your brushes and even your airbrush into erasers for more creative touches. The number of functions in PaintTool SAI may be typical for other illustration programs, but it doesnt lag behind with the other advanced features it totes for PhotosUnfortunately, SAI prefers to be used on drawing and painting, so youll find that it lacks several key features you may be looking for in an all-around graphic design app. Some of the most prominent tools missing are the text tool, shape tool, and gradients. You also cant edit image properties much with SAI, as the only tools you can use for them are the selection tools, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, and Saturation. Compared to a popular photo-editor program like Photoshopon which you can also draw and paint, and it has the sister program IllustratorSAI looks only good for drawing and painting. You cant even print your works directly on the appdespite the ability to export your works in popular image file formats. However, dont let these things deter you from checking out PaintTool SAI. It boasts an impressively small size and smooth operation compared to other programs, so theres no need for worrying with lags. You can try its 31-day trial offer to gauge it Handy AppIf youre looking for a good-quality drawing application thats easy on the storage space, PaintTool SAI is a good choice. While more advanced editing features can be found on other programs, SAI makes up for its flaws with surprisingly fine-tuned tools and powerful digitizer support. The user interface makes it look like its a very old program, but it just seems that SAI chose to sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of functionality and size. This is a recommended app for digital artists who lean towards cartoon and anime styles and would like a fast rendering of their drawing.

PaintTool SAI