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Need for Speed ​​is the latest installment of this amazing underground racing game. It was coming to the PC in 2016, but since the release on Xbox One and PS4, we thought we could tell you what we thought. Of course, if something is wrong with the port, then the test will change.

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Like the previous parts and the Burnout Paradise saga – which combines many creative talents – NFS is an open racing game. It tells the story of a gasoline head who entered the world of illegal secret races.
This means a game where the characters offer different driving missions in exchange for experience points and money to invest in new vehicles. These missions include classic races, time trials and even special driving challenges such as donations throughout the city. Basically, there is nothing new for everyone who has played racing games in the last five years.
In addition to the Basic History mode, Need for Speed ​​offers several other ways to play online with friends. Oh, and when it comes to online games, playing a single NFS player requires a continuous Internet connection, which is an annoying standard in EA games.

A great skill game
NFS is a very fun game and fans will appreciate the depth of tuning and customization. During the game, you can buy up to 51 different cars in which you can customize everything from pure aesthetics to traction and gear ratios. In fact, during our online races everyone seems to be running something different, which gives this element an important meaning.
Need For Speed ​​works like an arcade game, although there are enough challenges that you’ll never get bored of feeling protected by one of his songs. Expect lots of hand changes and learn to control drift.
In its appearance, EA always makes full use of the Frostbite engine to offer beautiful realistic games that scroll up to 30 fps, without restrictions. The game engine includes real-time JVM sequences for the story, allowing you to interact with characters during discussions about music, cars and everything that the NFS world offers to children today,

Fun and innovative
Need for Speed ​​creates a fun racing game with elements scattered around the open world. It’s nice to watch licensed cars ruining roads around the world. Don’t expect innovation: NFS follows the path of the past.

Need for Speed