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(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); My WIFI router has your laptop (or wireless compatible desktop) that emulates a full network router with most features. This allows you to share devices connected to the Internet and some other things as well to everyone who connects. It also has basic security features and more than a few other beautiful frills!

Fast WIFI Router and FearlessMy have incredibly powerful features for such simple software, many of which come from creating a full network router. For example, you and those in the network you create can all watch videos through My Videos and control your play individually: perfect for long journeys with laptops but no internet connection. You can even move files back and forth if you want. Even without the Internet, the program is useful, but is ideal for sharing your 4G Internet with others for example. Think of one thing: leaving an open router is dangerous for security reasons and my WIFI router does not provide many high quality security options. At least there’s a blacklist.

Basic Choice My global WIFI router is best for those who just want to use their laptop to share the Internet and other things and have little to worry about intruders. It’s easy to use and has a great video sharing feature as long as security isn’t an issue (like the road trip example above), it’s a great routing option.

My WIFI Router