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Movavi Screen Recorder is the name of a desktop application for imaging your computer. You may also need to save and save an image or video from your screen. The product in front of you as one of Movavis well-known group software is able to provide the conditions needed for your imaging of your computer screen. With this software you will be able to capture, save or share videos from any software you are working with.

You will also be able to capture live stream images using Movavi Screen Recorder software. With this feature you will be able to record various videos through television networks, media websites and video sharing. You will also be able to save your recorded videos in either video or GIF format depending on your needs.

It should be noted that working with Movavi Screen Recorder is very simple and you can easily start shooting your computer by specifying the part you need for video recording. Also, all the videos recorded by this software are of very high quality. You can also record your favorite videos with your own voice using a headphone. Other features of this product include high speed and very user-friendly interface.

Featuresand Features of Movavi Screen Recorder:

Very user-friendly interface that simplifies the task for the user

Allows you to take pictures of your computer with just one click

High Definition Imaging (FULL HD)

Ability to record video from your entire screen or section of your choice

Ability to record and capture live broadcast images

Take advantage of your voice recording capabilities

Ability to apply various effects and filters to your videos

Apply various settings to the sound of your video recording

Store your videos in MP4, MOV, AVI and

Movavi Screen Recorder