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Weary of living a lonely life in the Pacific Northwest, Mr–8 feet tall and covered in fur–recruit his instructions how to search for relatives lost in the Valley of legendary Explorer Sir Lionel boldly Frost Sh angri-La. with Adelina in two weeks, the three meet a beauty to the dangers in traveling the world. After all, they have learned that in some cases you will find the wait at least of land.

Set in the world of animals and the whole population, from the Moon, the stars sing coal Dapper does at all-are all Grand, who was lost for a time. The strength optimist – well, maybe a little scoundrel – they love the theater there is Moreover and do everything to preserve it. Now faced with the need, in the future to restore the world’s woes with his glorious container, creating the greatest music competitions in the world.

The troops of the new HR hail Sir Lionel Detective to find long lost relatives in the belief that Shangri-La. out with these two weeks, Adelina, the three explorers who travel the world all to help his new friend.

Directed by: Chris Butler wrote: Chris Butler: Zoe Saldana, Star Hugh Jackman, Emma Thompson

Sir Lionel Frost thinks is the most important myth charismatic Detective with the monsters of the world. The problem is, none of my friends a bit-you can identify. Opportunity of the last Sir Lionel to become a character in the American Northwest to the Pacific to prove the existence of the legendary creature. The detention of the ancesage. The connection has been lost.

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