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VEGAS Pro 17 is here to optimize your video production like never before. Discover the longest running time, industry-leading HDR editing tools and easy-to-use, but powerful, color-graded workflows. Combined with more than 30 new features, VEGAS Pro 17 offers comprehensive workflow improvements that deplete your video production.

Edit. Working smarter is not difficult.

No one edits faster than passionate advertising with VEGAS Pro in hand. Time editing tools make editing quick and easy. But even more important is that they create your creativity, because ideas flow freely when you’re not busy with trick editing tools. Nothing NLE allows you to edit, think and work more efficiently than VEGAS Pro.

The timeline is nested

Manage projects and accelerate your workflow with nested timelines. Easily move between periods of time in a master project or access your nesting time as an independent project to work independently.

Smart division

With Smart Split, you can delete an entire section of a video and leave virtually unreadable editions with complete flexibility to customize the results if you need to do it correctly. No more jumping injuries!

Menu system “Hamburger”

This innovative menu system allows you to customize the high traffic areas of the user interface so you can quickly find the tools you need while maintaining frustration with the free workspace.

Color gradation It is as simple as a brush.

Powerful professional color grading tools give you the power to do your best and the color classification workflow in VEGAS Pro provides fast, powerful and flexible options for everything you need to do. Provide the perfect image of your movie, even in HDR.

Integrated workflow for color gradation.

Take your qualification and color correction to the next level with a new uniform workflow in the Color Classification panel. Import and export LUT, adjust colors with colored wheels, curves and more. Supports a beautiful HDR color adjustment