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It’s not as sweet as you think. You never know real violence until you get a chance to play grandmother. It’s a great adventure game where you want to explore your grandmother’s house. The catch is that your grandmother, who is supposed to be sweet and caring, is actually for your blood! This horror game is like a really scary and adventurous version where you have to escape home before it catches you!

Leave my grandmother’s eyes on. The mechanics of the game are pretty simple. You find yourself locked in Grandmother’s house and your ultimate goal is to escape by exploring other rooms, solving puzzles and finding clues to unlock the front door. Grandma gives you 5 nights to go, so make every night count! The night ends when your grandmother catches you and you wake up in the same room where you first started. To give you a little idea, the game starts with just getting up in the room where you get used to the controls and moves before you finally go out to explore a whole house Grandmother. Warning! This room will not protect you from grandmother’s paws! Eventually, you try to go to another room, even with the threat of being killed forever. Don’t worry, because you’re not completely exposed when you step out. There are many places you can hide from grandmothers, such as diving under a table and getting into an empty cupboard. Doing your best to stay afloat as you sneak in helps a lot to keep you from being seen by a grandmother. For an old woman, grandmothers are very good and she can hear your footprint, close the door and drop things overhead; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Granny’s horror factor plays out from a first-person perspective, making the whole game experience more scary and personal. Throughout the game you will find that you are always in a hurry to find a new hide, especially when you hear Grandmother’s voice. It won’t be easy because the house is a maze and it’s easy to get lost in it, no matter how dark some rooms may be. The place is generally terrifying with old paintings and rooted floorboards, which is why grandmothers can quickly find your location. That said, you need to know that if you can hide safely and Grandma doesn’t see you, she’ll leave the bear! If you get caught in one of them, don’t panic and follow the instructions to get the game out, but fast! There are also different game modes that offer different levels of difficulty and horror. This is a shocking but fun game! The house is large and attractive enough for you to explore even if you have Grannys;