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Professional audio transcription software designed for easy audio transcription If you want to transfer an audio file to a text document, consider using word processor and player media. However, you will soon find out that this is not the best way, and you may think that the desire for a better Writer is the answer to your prayers. This efficient program is designed specifically for professional printers and transcripts, so it has all the features and features you need to write from audio files. The Express Scribe interface includes a word processor so you can perform the entire transcription process in one window. Insert audio file, press play and run (function () {(‘review-page-page-desktop’);}); Express Scribe has many additional features that will make the task much easier. For example, you can program shortcut keys to pause, fast forward, and accelerate recording, customize the Express Scribe interface to make it more compatible with your working style, connect hand and foot control pedals (suitable for professional transcribers), and even configure. a synchronization program with a predefined folder or FTP alerts you to every new job. You can also sync Express Scribe with your email so you can send completed tasks or receive new ones.

Express Scribe is a very complete transcription program, intended for professional but still accessible by Scribe, which supports the following formats: WAV, MP3, AU, AIF, VOX, DCX, Windows Media, Windows Media, VoiceIt (SRI). RealAudio (RA & RM), Olympus, Lanier Grundig (DSS), Sony Record Format (MSV, DVF), Philips Digital Recorder, Sanyo Digital Recorder, DSP TrueSpeech *, GSM, MP2, PCM, uLaw, ALaw, ADPCM, CE

Express Scribe