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Everest Portable is an all-in-one computer diagnostics and benchmarking program. However, it is not particularly suited to benchmarking graphics cards. Instead, it provides a lot of low-level hardware information, can tell you the details and status of your CPU and other computer components, and it can run memory benchmarks to ensure that your computer’s RAM is in working , But Not Quite PortableThough it can’t always tell you how to fix your problems, Everest Portable can often explain them. By using its diagnostic tools, you can figure out what part of a computer might be causing recurring problems. By benchmarking your memory, you’ll be able to tell which memory sticks inside your computer could be causing instability, and which you can safely keep in your computer. Everest is much better for fixing problems with your computer than testing its limits. Unfortunately, as this software is discontinued at the time of writing, it is not as effective in dealing with modern computer (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Simple, Though Not Always EffectiveOverall, for a discontinued piece of software, Everest Portable works very well. Its use cases are reduced on newer hardware, which its databases are not intended to support. But if you’re willing to try anything once, or if you have a computer that dates from when Everest Portable was more recent, this software is fantastic for diagnosing basic computer problems or learning more about your computer’s components. More about Everest Portable

Everest Portable