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Stay on the eBay bargains of your heavy desktop users. You probably spend half your computer on the eBay page to find items, offers, offers or messages. Wouldn’t it be great to help with this onerous task? The eBay Desktop is the answer to this pleasure. This tool, developed within the AIR platform, allows you to view and verify all important information on the eBay website. You can search for specific items, try one of them and place the ones you care about most on your watch (function () {(‘review-page-application-desktop’);}); the program also offers special services (RSS feed readers, great alerts and article reminders) that allow you to be ahead of other bidders and have a better chance of winning on the other side. I had problems finding items in some categories, and also if you displayed an image of the item. Obviously, they had issues with eBay technical issues, so the program may not always respond as it should, this eBay AIR widget is a perfect companion for all eBay fans who spend too much time on eBay. website.

EBay Desktop