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Update all drivers at the touch of a button Most problems you encounter with your computer, such as a glittering screen, a slow computer, regular crashes and unknown hard drives caused by obsolete; That’s why you need to make sure your driver is updated regularly. Driver Easy is a driver update developed by Easeware Technology. This software allows you to scan your computer to see if there are any missing drivers, whether they are outdated or incorrect. It also lets you download missing driver updates all into valuable driver information. What makes Driver Easy better than other driver update tools is detailed information about the hardware with the built-in processor-Z that it offers. The app shows basic information about the processor, motherboard, network card, video card, etc .; (function () {(‘program-page-desktop-overview’);}); In addition, it provides a comparison between the driver you need to install and the driver you have installed. This information includes the driver name, vendor, date, version and file size to help you decide which driver your device is best for; The major AccessDriver Easy device drivers have access to over 8 million device drivers, all certified and come directly from the manufacturer. This tool only installs Windows Certified Drivers in Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) for increased driver stability. Driver Easy runs its own physical and practical tests on desktops, connected physical devices, current OS versions and popular applications available in both free and purchased versions. However, most of the features offered in the free version are usually ineffective as it only lets you scan computers, read driver information and install drivers manually and nothing else. dinYou will only experience features such as auto restore point and backup when you buy the PRO version. Note that these features are important as they protect your files and allow you to install drivers. The most useful features must be purchased. Driver Easy is a fantastic driver update program that is only available if you are willing to spend a few dollars to take full advantage of the features it can provide. But if you can only afford the free version then we recommend that you find a replacement tool that can earn you a lot more.

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