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Dark Deception is a game that will send you running around seemingly endless hallways with murderous creatures on your tail. The objective of the game is pretty simple, and that is to collect all the glowing shards without ever getting caught. Mixing horror and arcade in its gameplay, Dark Deception is very much like a nightmarish version of can run, but you cant hideThe game starts off with players meeting a mysterious woman who claims she can see right through your brain. After preaching about redemption from the sins you apparently have committed, the woman sends you to retrieve purple glowing crystals that line up the dark hallways of what seems to be an abandoned hotel. As if the whole set-up is not weird and scary enough, there is also a passing warning from the woman about monsters out there to get you. To make things worse, you are not allowed to fight back, and these monsters cannot be ;

(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Dark Deception sticks to its arcade-style gameplay with only the added thrill of jump-scares one can expect from classic horror games. Using the small guide map at the corner of your screen, you will be able to see the whole floorplan, the crystals that you need to collect, and your current location that appears as a glowing red dot on the map. Unfortunately, the map does not show where the monsters in the maze lie in wait. You will have to rely solely on the sounds of high-pitched manic laughter, footsteps, and your own skills in order to spot and avoid the the silhouettes of these monsters is not easy as the whole maze is dark. But if you look closely, you will see glowing eyes and sharp teeth hiding in the shadows. The moment you see even the faintest hint of something is your cue to run like hell before it catches up to you. Take note that you only have limited lives in this game, and you can be caught only a handful of times before it is game over for to rememberDark Deceptions monsters look like they have been pulled straight from peoples nightmares. A glimpse of them is enough for you to go on a mad dash down the hallway to be as far from them as possible. These rabid animals are not just there to mindlessly give chase. In fact, the monsters have their own unique behavior so players will have to change strategies when playing other levels, depending on the creature that is haunting the floor. If there is one thing that these monsters have in common, its the fact that they are absolutely frightening.

Thrilling yet terrifyingDark Deception will make your heart beat wildly in your chest both from the thrill of the chase and the great horror build-up throughout the game. Each round is just as unpredictable as the other, leaving plenty of room for you to feel scared at every turn. Still, Dark Deception, with all its scary elements, is a very enjoyable and laid-back game with no strict instructions to remember and no puzzles to ;

Dark Deception