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The Cok Free Auto Typer isn’t designed to help replace typing it simply assists you by assigning hotkeys to certain elements of text. Instead of repeatedly typing the same text you may use a hotkey that automatically pastes your desired words into the Is Like Having A Clipboard Of Your Most Commonly Used TextThe Cok Free Auto Typer program is often used by customer service departments where the online staff have to repeatedly make the same comments such as ‘Hi how may I help’ and so forth. The tool allows you to save phrases and text and then allows you to define what you have to do to make those phrases or text paste onto your screen. You may have the tool launch right away as your computer starts up or you may set a hotkey sequence that activates it for you. The more you use and customize the tool the more efficient it makes (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Conclusion – Save Time And Become More EfficientThe Cok Free Auto Typer is especially helpful for programmers that have to continually copy and paste code. Instead of copying and pasting the programmer may use hotkeys with the Cok system and save a lot of time. The tool is a time saver and it may even help reduce repetitive stress issues. It is also able to make you more efficient especially if you have to re-type the same phrases on a daily basis.

Cok Free Auto Typer