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Chromium is basically an open browser project that will serve as the basis for your Chrome web browser. It is designed to provide a faster, more consistent and secure way for people to view an updated version of VersionI from Chromium. If you use this browser, the new version will be quieter, quieter and more reliable. The main objective is to ensure that there is no GUI delay. The application requires minimal user interaction and the process will only be missed when needed. Google is based on Chromium, but it also comes with a number of Chrome property services, as well as automatic updates and additional video format support. In other words, Google includes an open source browser in Chrome and adds licensed codecs such as AAC, MP3 support and; Adobe Flash plugin, (function () {(‘preview-page-desktop-desktop’);}); The first sourceChrome came out in 2008. But few know that its open source was released at the same time. The Chromium project contains this open source. Google in turn has Google. The name Chrome may sound inspiring, but you need to know that an open source browser is not a Google brand. However, the project still focuses on Google. For example, an open source browser has the same sync features available in Chrome, which allow you to access the space registered in your Google Account.