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Blue death screens are kind of scary because they usually appear without notice and most importantly because it’s hard to know what can really solve BlueScreenView. This small application retrieves a download file created by a recent blue death screen and reappears, so you can search for the error message and find possible solutions in the directory (function () {(‘Review Application’ page page ‘);}); BlueScreenView does not require installation and is quite simple as it contains no documentation. The program can display downloaded files saved as a driver list or just like the original blue screen, and it can also generate a report in HTML format, all the information that can help you with the standard BlueScreenView death screens. Find a solution to display these error messages “Google Search: Error Checker + Controller” which is easier to find on the blue screen of the driver name and error verification code selected by Google. Changes: “Google Search: Debug + Controller” to allow Google to search for the name and debug code of the selected blue screen driver