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The persecuted teenager made an extraordinary friendship with a mysterious young man who protected him from the aggressors while facing the pressure of recent examinations.
Derek Tsang (as Kwok Cheung Tsang) Author:
Yuexi Jiu (novel), Wing-Sum Lam (manuscript) | When the time came for Chinese gaokao, the whole country stopped. For nearly ten million high school students, the two-day national university entrance exam will determine where and if they can study. It is not uncommon for the fate of the whole family to depend on the outcome. Like many others, Nian focused on exam preparation, excluding everything else, and was alone. His classmates committed suicide and were subjected to constant intimidation. Meanwhile, fate connects him with little criminal Bea and the two sign the deal.

Fighting musicians realize that he is the only person on earth who remembers the Beatles after waking up on an alternate timeline where they never existed.
Danny Boyle Writers:
Jack Barth (story), Richard Curtis (screenplay) | In Lowestoft, England, Jack Malik is a frustrated musician whose musical career never ends, regardless of his friend / manager Ellie Appleton’s belief in him. However, at night, when Jack decides to surrender, the whole world is temporarily hit by a massive power cut, where Jack is hit by a bus. Upon regaining consciousness, Jack knew with surprise that he was the only one who knew Beatles music now. Realizing this extraordinary opportunity, Jack began playing the music of the biggest rock bands, claiming it was his own music. It was quickly worth it and Jack became a global musical sensation. However, Jack turns away from Ellie, realizing his love for her when she is intimidated by her success, which depends on plagiarism unknown to anyone. Now, Jack needs to make fundamental moral decisions about his music to satisfy his conscience when deciding what he really needs.

Better Days 2019