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The creative hope that Bendy was not fooled by the characters in the Ink Machine cartoon was, in fact, a terrible game. You will find yourself translating a studio animation screen to your mysterious lost friend. This task is not easy. There will be puzzles to solve, things to look for and monsters to avoid!

Play for your life The game follows the story of Henry Stein, a retired animator who was called back to his former animation studio. When he arrived, he started looking for his former employer, Joey Drew, but couldn’t find him anywhere! This is where your stadium like Henry Stain begins! In your quest to find Joey, you will go further into the animation studio where you will begin to discover that there are more paintings on the wall that meet the eye. You will be very familiar with the poster of Bendy, the main stars of the studio and even some cartoon characters. As you progress, you will find that at the same time, the shadows on the wall seem to move and follow you wherever you go, thus forming a game indicator. It will be you throughout the game while you try to open the room, find hidden objects and solve the gaps that will help you bring more to the animation studio. Sooner or later, you will finally meet the characters from the studio cartoon and the colors you think you are following have really come to life. Although there are weapons you can use to defeat them, there are some difficult mysteries that will not die from attack. The only way to survive them is to hide until they leave; (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);}); The nightmarish cartoons created by the NightBendy and Ink monsters remind you of your favorite Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Goofy, except that this monster seems to fly straight from a bad dream instead of Disneyland. The entire animation studio has been cleaned and the samecreepy atmosphere everywhere is in the form of a very old and vintage work of art. The whole room is yellow and brown. Playing games is like a journey into the animated era of the 1920s when a good definition of comics had to have a big evil skin and a black void; Seeing you perform when they try to catch you in a studio that captivates them certainly scares you! Uncover the Truth There are many questions in the game that will answer you when you uncover the mysteries of Bendy and the ink machine. Where are Joey and the cartoons? The game is a combination of mystery, suspense and good deed with a fascinating story. It also managed to release a feeling of discomfort and excitement throughout the game, making it the only real game on the market.

Bendy and the Ink Machine