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VM Horizon Client is a productivity software developed by VMware, Inc. The software provides desktop virtualization services for enterprises. It separates the desktop environment and the VMwares application. This allows remote access to the workplace. He also works on work platforms.

Powerful virtualization features Horizon’s VM Client uses VMwares technology to run static virtual desktops. All desktop operating systems run on a virtual machine through the virtual machine monitor or hypervisor. This software can transform static desktops into one digital workspace with added security features. Brings digital workspaces as needed. Everything is centralized through a virtual desktop infrastructure and virtualization platform. Having a single virtual platform ensures simpler management and enables the Ownership feature for end users. Administrators can provide virtual or remote desktops as well as remote applications. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The advantage of forming a virtual desktop is that it reduces costs to the business. It allocates resources for virtual platforms, while everything is manageable under one platform. It also extends the virtualization of a single database across consumer devices. Administrators have overall control, delivery and security for the virtual desktop. They can implement adaptive policies for all end users in the computer environment. Implementing data protection is simpler and flexible on the desktop and enterprise virtual database. The software comes with very simplified desktop control and virtual applications. Administrators can instantly distribute desktops while reducing resource consumption. The software takes advantage of modern systems and application architecture. Reduces storage usage and operating costs when working with stateless desktops and other work platforms. Administrators will have more convenient application installation and packaging experience. The software provides a consistent end-user experience for everyone. Ideal for designers, programmers, developers, customer support representatives, writers and other office workers. They can work in the office or remotely for productivity through virtual desktops VM Horizon Client is designed to manage office work, even in remote locations. It provides a functional virtual office platform. All end-users are protected while administrators receive the best control, security and control over the workplace.

VMware Horizon Client