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When a man accidentally causes Santa to fall from the roof, he has to employ his magic.
directed by:
Publisher: John Pasquin:
Leo Benvenuti, Steve Rudnick Stars:
Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson | Divorce Scott Calvin hates his doctrine that his ex-husband and his wife have tried to break it to their 6-year-old son Charles, who is not Santa Claus. Scott read the night before Christmas – then he got an unexpected visitor on the roof. When Scott is amazed at his invitation and falls, Santa disappears, leaving him with only eight elk sleds and a suit with instructions to place it. Scott did not, and was carried around the city carrying gifts through the chimney until he was taken to the North Pole and the group informed them that he had been told by the elves that he was now Santa Claus. Charlie is proud of his father’s work, even though Scott believes it is a dream. Until her hair turned white, she refused the program, even though she was suddenly in love with snacks. She was deeply emphasized – Now there is only one problem with her approval: how do you keep an unbelieving family secret?

The Santa Clause 1994