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Simple Sticky Notes is a free download tool that allows users to compile / paste digital sticky notes and literally “paste” them onto a Windows desktop. This is ideal for the kind of user who has to write everything down with pen and paper so that they don’t deserve to be forgotten. This stylish digital sticky note program is certainly very useful for stunned users.

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The basic requirements are a laptop or PC operating system XP / Vista / 7/8 10 with at least 1 gigahertz AMD or Intel core and 512MB RAM and 1 megabyte disk. Its use is very simple. Initially, users can simply double-click on the graph section of the simple sticky notes system, otherwise they can click on the tray icon for simple sticky notes, and then click or tap on “New notes”. If users want to delete multiple sticky notes, they simply point to the “Notes” button on the menu and then select the “Delete” option. As an alternative to deleting, you hide the sticky notes you no longer use, by cursor or by clicking the “hide” button on the Notes menu. To resize the accompanying note, the user must drag and delete it from the bottom right corner. Users can also create their own color scheme by selecting “color” on the top icon of the “note menu”.

Safe and easy to use

This Simple Sticky Note program has received an impressive series of awards since its first appearance in the late 2000s. This well-known website gave this program a 5-star rating, and our internal analysis process shows that Sticky Simple Notes is completely clean, meaning that it contains no traces of malware, such as viruses, spyware, backdoor, and Trojan attacks. If you want to personalize your digital notes, diverse and diverse topics such as desert, concrete, Christmas, stone, chalk and bubble are available in a large portfolio of covers. You as the user have control over the sound of the reminder and the theme of the music being played to remember the selected event. These themes include well-known cell phone themes such as iPhone theme sound, Samsung whistle, power boost, coins, Windows 10 Bell theme, and a secret warranty.

Never forget important things again!

You can now remove the nasty yellow “post-it” clutter from office furniture and now leave it neatly organized on your computer’s desktop. This program does exactly what the title says, providing an easy way to highlight mission critical notes. With the latest features with full support, updates and backups, this is truly an office game changer for the modern business environment.

Simple Sticky Notes