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A wonderful football simulator for global audience Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is a real football simulator developed by Konami for Windows. Players can choose from a wide selection of teams and take to the field to compete on their own or against other online players. While some may think that the PES franchise is a sub dog in the world of sim football, PES 2018 is proof that the series is a serious contender for the top (function () {(‘review-application-page- desktop’);}); In terms of goal With records that span nearly ten years, the PES franchise has a long history in the world of football. As the 17th entry into the franchise, PES 2018 has really created the ground for the series. Compared to previous publications, PES 2018 is in the league as it has made some significant changes to the series, the basic functions of PES remain the same in this post. You will be able to choose from a list of world teams and players and compete in a variety of realistic game modes. You can also go online and demonstrate your skills with other PES players available in 17 different languages, you will meet opponents as different as in the actual stages. Pro Evolution Soccer really captures the feeling of football as an international audience. Although PES 2017 was warmly welcomed, PES 2018 took the series to a new level in almost conceivable ways. First, the graphics. PES 2018 is based on the Konami Fox Engine, the same gaming engine that was used to bring Metal Gear Solid V, whose players seem much more animated than previous entries, with more expressive faces and animations. , The lighting has also improved dramatically and the game feels more realistic and vibrant than ever before, the game itself has also received a major overhaul. The measurement is much slower and more conscious. While this may seem the opposite, it slows down the gameplay to a more realistic (and enjoyable) experience. A slower pace means it is more important to pay attention to strategy. You will eventually feel immersed in the experience, where PSE also feels fluid and fast. Despite its slower overall pace, movement never feels slow or agitated. You can use the cursor to draw elegant professional-level maneuvers and games. For all the improvements, there are still some major drawbacks that prevent PES 2018 from outpacing its competition. As with other entries in the PES series, the main objection remains the lack of Evolution Soccer’s ultimate competitor, the FIFA Series, which holds the vast majority of football licenses for sports betting. Because PES cannot be legally used with equipment numbers and related content, players only have access to a large number of actual devices, and in many cases teams are replaced with a carrier name. “Man Blue” or “London FC”. “This may seem like a small complaint, but these replacements remove the sense of realism and remove players from the same frame; the game’s comments are frustratingly bad. The comment feels lifeless and retained and noticeably less responsive than in other sports titles. It’s almost a better option. play with the subject’s comment; listen to the same phrases quickly and again, it’s also important to keep in mind that keyboard and mouse players will have a much harder time controlling their counterparts. is a PES 2018 designed to play with a one-on-one controller to play this game is almost a necessity; it makes their experience much more enjoyable.still the highest in the world with officially licensed football content, PES beat them in terms of games. If you consider yourself a fan of hard soccer, PES is not a series to be ignored. From graphics to the game and beyond, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 has certainly proven that PES is ready to give a FIFA release for its recently launched Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, PES 2018 is not the last in the series, but it is worth playing. You should definitely try PES 2018 if you are not ready to download PES 19 yet!

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018