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Miami Hotline and Minecraft have violent children. Red City is a fighting and action game that takes place in a variety of historical places and times. Your mission is as easy as defeating, hitting, hitting, stabbing and cutting and firing any movement to paint that scenario. Red Town Cat is in the early access phase on Steam.

What is Cat Town Red for? For (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);});
Red Town user paintings represent him as an even more cruel Miami 3D Wire, and also with Minecraft aesthetics. Getting reflexes, hitting before asking and restarting levels is a key component of the game.
Each level starts the same way: you are in a family environment, such as a retro bar or dance club. Everything remains normal until you decide to harm someone (for example, someone). Then everyone will hit and it will end after you. That is the time to survive!
After violence is released, you must act quickly. If you stop, you will die. If he does not use objects around him, he is dead. If you do not prepare or adapt to the situation, you are dead.
So far, Cat Red Town has only two levels. A weapon is still missing, mode. If you are waiting for the full game, I would recommend that you wait for the release.
The graphics will not leave you indifferent. On the one hand, his style will remind you of the friendly Minecraft. Instead, there is blood, frontal and uninterrupted violence. It’s strange to beat the characters that are supposed to be cute.

Promising violence
For now, Paint the Town Red is a promising game. The final result will depend on whether the entire level is diverse enough so that the default value does not remain anecdotal. The game always runs the risk of entertaining you for a while and then getting bored.

Paint the Town Red