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Microsoft’s operating system, browsers, media cover everything except security applications. So far, Microsoft has released Microsoft Security on a few months beta and released the final version of its security application, but I must say that Microsoft Security Essentials has not changed much in the latest version. It still has a simple, clear tab with four key areas for users to view system security status, update virus and spyware definitions, review history for previously discovered objects, and adjust program settings, (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’); }); Microsoft’s security requirements include three types of scans – fast, complete, or customizable. They can be scheduled at a specific time or place and can be changed to work when the computer is not in use. Microsoft’s security requirements update the database automatically and are fully integrated with Windows Explorer and Windows Firewall. It also has a system restore point, should you need to cancel the long-awaited security requirements, Microsoft’s first attempt at standalone home security applications. Due to the ease and convenience of a beginner, this may not be the best option for advanced users or professional network administrators, but for the average user it covers all the basics. However, keep in mind that Microsoft Security Essentials does not waste files – it only removes them if Security Essentials is a gentle introduction to the sometimes complex home computer world.

Microsoft Security Essentials