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A playful version of the Broadway musical, in which the owner of the bodega has mixed feelings about closing his shop and traveling to the Dominican Republic after the grandmother’s inheritance.
John M. Chu Writers:
Kuiara Alegra Hudes (script), Lin-Manuel Miranda (based on musical play, concept) | In the middle altitude, different characters live in and around Washington, DC in the north end of Manhattan. In the center of the show – Usnavi, the owner of a dagger who cares for an aging Cuban lady next door, fights for a beautiful girl who works at a nearby beauty salon and dreams of winning a lottery. and flight on the coast of the Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, childhood friend Usnava Nina returned to the neighborhood after a first-year college education with amazing news for parents who spent savings on creating a better life for their daughter. Finally, the institutions and residents of the neighboring colony receive a dose of what it means to be home.

In the Heights 2020