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An ordinary country house becomes a place of fun and mystery in Hello Neighbor, a great horror game with incredible cartoon style. In this game you play an attacker who sneaks into your neighbor’s house. However, your neighbors are careful and will not let you go bad. You have to steal, cheat, cheat and good luck to get angry.

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Hello neighbors Cheerful, colorful cartoon settings create the perfect setting for hidden horror. However, as the game progresses, you will see that there is nothing in the house across the street. Confidentiality is about comparing reasoning with AI customization, learning from your choices and developing new strategies to engage you. Fortunately, different objects and integrative parts of the environment can help to confuse and distract the enemy. Find your neighbor’s house for tips and tools to help you solve the mystery of what goes after this mustache.


If you like Norman Rockwell’s magic mix, solving puzzles and thefts, then you definitely need to read Hello Hello. This is a very magical game with real atmosphere and real intimidation.

Hello Neighbor