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Most people are intimidated by the use of digital scanners, and that is not surprising. This device looks complicated and weird, but it can’t be used at all. However, the hard part is finding good software that can complete your scanner and give you a simple scanning experience. The software you use with a scanner is very expensive and the computer must be cheap or free. Fortunately, Media Freeware includes complete software that meets these requirements, and free scanner software.

DesignFree Simple Scanner Software is a free and easy software developed by Media Freeware. Its main function is to receive and save images from the scanner. First of all, this software is easy to install. With a few clicks, the software will immediately appear and (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); When looking at the software interface, you can say that the developer really works for an absurd and direct design. The most important thing about software is the menu toolbar at the top, the sidebar on the left side of the screen, and the viewer window in the living room. The sidebar has a scanned page thumbnail. This allows users to easily see all their pages and quickly navigate to different pages. Instead, a display window is where you can see the page. You can browse the scanned page in more detail. The top menu is also easy and easy. First, you have a scan button that is quite clear. Press to start the scanning process. Next is the Save PDF and Save Image button, which lets you choose how you want to save the file. Finally, you have a PDF Email button which is used to send the scanned file to an email. There is also a Play button that allows you to adjust file orientation. Finally, there is the Profile, About and Exit button. Profiles allow you to customize the scanner’s features and direct you to users of the FunctionalFree Developer scanner to function perfectly, even with clear simplicity. It scans images quickly and efficiently. Saving scanned files to PDF and images is also a daunting task. As long as you don’t need additional features besides scanning and saving files, the free scanner software is a pretty good guide for you. There are no questions or guidance. People who use the scanner often don’t have problems, but people who have never used the scanner tend to lose. Despite its simplicity, the software still uses a lot of jargon, which will mix, work and work well. However, there are many things that can be fixed. For example, adding several tutorials or FAQs is very helpful for users. We recommend that you save the file in other file formats such as .epub, .doc, and others.

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