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The DvDrum program allows you to build your own drum set and then use it

while other soundtracks are going on in the background. It is for

drumming enthusiasts who are unable to play their drum set at certain

times of the day and are in need of a little drumming relief while they

wait to return to the real thing.

(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); }); Complicated with a View to SimplicityThe DvDrum program is the Ultimate Drum Simulator because on the surface it is very simple and easy to use, and yet if you are willing, you are able to tailor and customize your drum set to a very high degree. The user interface is both pretty yet plain because you may only see your drums from above. The app concentrates more on the sounds you make rather than how it looks when you play the drums. Actually playing the drums is tricky at first until you learn the required patterns. It is possible to cheat and hit more than two drums at the same time, but that is just part of the fun of playing a simulated drum ;

A Great Take on the Drum App Idea

The greatest thing about the DvDrum program is how the graphics and

the interface allow users to engage with the program. It doesn’t feel

sterile, cheap or overly complicated. It is more like a game, except

that the game is able to create genuine sounds and acts in the way that a

real drum set would. Is it fair to call it the Ultimate Drum Simulator?

If you are tired of drum apps that are overly complicated, then yet, it

is the Ultimate Drum Simulator.