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It is a type of Piriform’s CCleaner thattrouvailles and removes unnecessary files and errors on Windows PCs (including Windows 10). It’s a great tool that optimizes your work. This is a great alternative BleachBit and disk capacity; In a few words to help you restore the hard drive where CCleaner and makes your PC faster and more; CCleaner is also available for the MAC and;

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Cleaning is the very essence of CCleaner. With a quick scan, detects corrupted files from Windows and the applications you have installed, and you remove them with the moon.

The CCleaner infection is dedicated to the right of the door, the infected file that contains patterns. CCleaner scans are prevented for more than a dozen errors and offer the ability to store a copy of the second before you perform maintenance.

CCleaner’s Tools menu includes specific programs, such as a quick uninstall programs, a list of programs that start when you start Windows, and Restoration Manager.

A classic interface

To clean the file, click the OK button and leave CCleaner finds in danger of debris. Another click on the run button and it will clean your drive immediately.

CCleaner can click more easily to find and delete only what you want. The process involves a check box that took a little effort.

Sick to work on a cleaner the same way, and it also shows that the types of errors found. Sufficient technical information, but if something is wrong with a restored CCleaner as support.

It’s simple like other instruments and offers little information. Although, in truth, minimalism is thankful-especially compared to those taking the network interfaces.

Depending on your circumstances

CCleaner’s funds and efficiency depend on what you need. To protect the name is very powerful, but scanning is not the fastest.

Sick of cleaning only in rare cases and a surgical measure, as recently the filter door.

Removal tools are good, but although they would sometimes show false information and the entries become obsolete and could just as easily be deleted in his hands.

In a contested area like Cleaner, and it’s difficult to find programs with integrity and diligence, CCleaner remains above its simplicity and efficiency. Piriform gives respect and CCleaner CCleaner wearable. If you are looking for more ideas on freedom, we recommend that you download Glary’s principles for the PC.